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Rediscover the healing power of nature in a collection of premium massages based on natural remedies inspired by ancient practices and adapted to modern needs, to help you relax after an intense week.

Recharge with the energy of nature

Experience the ultimate relaxation with Malagasy Massage and discover the healing effects of plants. Katrafay oil has tonic and aphrodisiac effects, while hemp extract is an adjuvant antioxidant in anxiety, insomnia and migraines.

Feel the energy of the sea as it relaxes you deeply and let the marine minerals strengthen your body. Mineral Massage uses marine calcium concentrate, magnesium oil and semi-precious stones to remineralize the body and give your body mobility.

Recharge with extreme coolness in a contrasting massage that combines Japanese peppermint oil and cryo cream with hot compresses of oak and birch leaves. Siberian Cold Massage has immediate invigorating, energizing and healing effects.


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