Celebrate December 1st Romania’s most exotic destination!

Discover the special Therme activities program dedicated to Romania's National Day, with dozens of wellness rituals, therapies and tasty traditional dishes inspired by Romanian culture.

Happy Birthday, Romania!

This year, Romania’s National Day celebration starts much earlier. For even more relaxation, on Wednesday, November 30, the regular schedule of activities will be replaced with a Saturday-specific schedule of rituals, therapies and activities.

On December 1st, relaxation, pampering and the holiday mood will cover the entire Therme Bucharest complex. Live the most exotic December 1st between palm trees, tropical pools, breathtaking scenery and enjoy a Romanian-inspired cocktail with your friends and family.

Sugar Scrub and Longing Roots, only on December 1st

Only on December 1st, you can enjoy beauty rituals and unique multisensory experiences in the saunas. We’ve prepared Aufguss shows inspired by Romanian culture and tradition: Rădăcini de Dor, Paparudele, Haiducii, Morărița and many others. Moreover, at the Rainforest sauna, in The Palm area, you can choose one of the 3 skincare treatments with Romanian ingredients: scrub based on sugar with sea buckthorn and raspberries, scrub with coarse salt, corn oil and marigold or nurturing clay mask with Romanian lavender.

1st December Therme București

Special Aqua Gym Sessions

Boamfa Diana - Aqua Nostalgia


Boamfa Diana - Aqua Folclor


Special Aufguss Sessions on December 1st

Ganea Claudiu - Dacul Liber - Hollywood – "Aufguss dedicated to our Romanian ancestors"


Șerban Andrei & Boamfa Diana - Draga mea Românie - Provence - “Aufguss about dreams and thoughts. You are invited to look at our nation through the prism of love.”


Broștiuc Andreea - Morărița - Bavaria


Șerban & Ganea & Vechiu - Haiducii - Provence


Ganea Claudiu - Rădăcini de Dor - Hollywood - “Aufguss Show on Rock music - folklore dedicated to Romania”


Broștiuc Andreea & Iacob Carmen - Paparudele - Provence - “Aufguss Multisensorial that brings back to life an old Romanian tradition”


Șerban Andrei - RoMândru - Provence - “Aufguss with country love inspired by the history and folklore of Romania”


Vechiu Cristian - Stara Planina - Bavaria


Iacob Carmen - Iubește Românește - Provence


Scrubs and Face Mask - Sauna Rainforest

Șugăr Scrub sugar with sea buckthorn and raspberry


Scrub cu Sare coarse salt with corn oil and calendula


Mască de argilă with Romanian lavender


"Baby Scrub and “Salt Scrub" replace "Sweet Gommage" and "Salt Ritual" at regular hours.


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