Scandinavian Rain Aufguss

Experience a multisensorial Aufguss ritual in which the heat of the sauna and the essential oil aromas are controlled by the rhythmic movements of the Aufguss Master

Concentration Aufguss, with strong-flavored essential oils

Take part in a ritual that feels like the cold, refreshing and energizing rain of the northern regions, descending into the sauna in the form of ice flakes and eucalyptus infusion. The powerful contrast between the cold drops and the high temperature in the sauna surprises even the strongest bodies. The sense stimulating and fortifying effect is felt from the first session. The essential oils used in this Aufguss are known for strengthening the human body and the immune system. Benefits ● helps concentrate ● gives energy

Schedule Scandinavian Rain

Monday - Thursday

Bavaria Sauna


Friday - Sunday

Bavaria Sauna


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