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Alhambra Sauna

Feel the positive energy of the sauna with Moorish decor and temperatures between 60˚ and 80˚C

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In the Moorish spirit

Discover the craftsmanship of Moorish architecture of Granada’s Alhambra Castle, in an exotic space infused with spicy aromas and ambient music. Spend ten minutes of sauna time in One Thousand and One Nights, to the rhythms of lute and the scent of nutmeg, cumin, pepper or anise.

Why it's special

Impressive decor with onyx elements and specific colors for positive energy vibrations


Charge yourself with positive energy in the Moorish sauna, specially designed for your wellbeing. ● Balancing the hormonal system ● Muscle relief ● Strengthening of the immune system Temperature: 60˚- 80˚C

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