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Bavaria Sauna

Inhale the aromas of conifers and aromatic herbs with a relaxing effect in a sauna with almost zero humidity and temperatures up to 90˚C

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Rediscover nature

Spend a few minutes in a space inspired by alpine landscapes, with a circular, protective decoration, made entirely of natural wood. The high temperature and the rustic aromas of pine, fir or cedar help you to regain your feeling of calm, safety and healing, with long-term beneficial effects.

Why it's special

Enjoy the beneficial mountain air in a typical Finnish sauna with high temperature and humidity below 5%.


The essential oils used in the sauna give you the same sense of well-being as a walk in nature, while the high temperature helps the body in a detox process, improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. ● strengthening of the immune system ● relaxation ● detox Temperature: 90˚C

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