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Outdoor Pool The Palm

Get carried away by the currents of the Crazy River or have a cocktail in the outdoor thermal water pool, accessible all year round

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Outdoor relaxation

In the outdoor pool you can take a dip regardless of the season. When outside temperatures drop, the water reaches about 36˚C. Enjoy hydromassage on the underwater beds, let the currents of the Crazy River carry you, or swim against it to burn a few calories.

Why it's special

Relax outdoors, in the warm thermal water no matter the degrees outside, while enjoying a cocktail or a hydromassage.

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The geothermal water extracted from a depth of 3.100 meters goes through a process of decalcification, desulfation, decarbonation and at the end of ozonation. Ozone treatment is the best sanitation system in the world and destroys 99% of bacteria. Depth: 1.26 m

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