Discover the new Aufguss rituals and activities programme

Prepare for the cold with new Aufguss rituals and wellness activities designed to fortify your body and provide an unparalleled wellbeing experience.

Oriental Morning Aufguss

Embark on a multisensory journey into the heart of the Orient, with exotic spices and a rejuvenating shot of Arabica poured over ice.



Give your body that extra protection for the colder season. Rediscover the vitality of magnesium oil, enhanced by the exotic scents of carefully selected oils. This Aufguss ritual will assist in strengthening your musculoskeletal system.


Minty Exploration

Breathe deeply and feel the benefits of the four types of mint. Experience this new Aufguss ritual, beneficial for the respiratory system and deeply relaxing.


Mystery Bazaar Ritual

Discover the tales of the Eastern civilisation in the Alhambra sauna with a new Aufguss ritual enveloped in smudging, essential oils, and oriental scents.


Rediscover your daily balance with over 40 daily experiences

Rediscover your inner harmony! Delight in more than 40 experiences, therapies, and multisensory activities designed for the cold season - strengthening the immune system, alleviating allergies, and protecting the skin under thermal stress.


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