Discover new experiences with plants and ancient rituals at Herbarium Festival 2024

From 13th to 26th May 2024, join us for the second edition of the largest festival dedicated to the art and science of plant processing. Discover herbalists, sauna experts, as well as products based on plants from the most skilled creators and exhibitors!

Discover over 350 new rituals with ancient plants

Carefully picked from the hills of Bucovina, the forests of Scandinavia, the gardens of Naples, or the hills of Japan, plants, leaves, and roots come to heal once again at Therme Bucharest. Between 13th and 26th May 2024, immerse yourself in a unique experience where the magic of plants reconnects you with the power of nature through dozens of rituals and sauna experiences with ancient medicinal plants.

Experience 14 days filled with rituals and over 350 new experiences with plants from ancient times alongside over 45 international herbal masters, experts in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and holistic therapy from 17 countries: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, South Korea, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, United States of America, Ukraine, and Romania. Enjoy hundreds of experiences with beneficial plants, such as aufguss sessions, infusions with fresh herbs, hammam rituals, shamanic rituals, smoke purification, sauna yoga, meditation sessions, fumigation rituals, cleansing rituals with birch twigs, sauna yoga, wet saunas with exercises for facial muscles, rituals accompanied by breathing exercises, meditation sessions, smoke purification, exfoliation sessions, Aufguss with the Japanese tea ceremony or traditional banya sauna.

Discover the full Herbarium Festival program in the brochure.

* This is a filmed event, recorded for the purpose of promoting the image of Therme and its partners. Before participating in the event please consult the Privacy Policy and the Information Note on participation in marketing events.

** Participation in the Herbarium Festival is included in the access fee. Each experience at the Herbarium Festival has a limited number of spaces available. Access to sauna rituals and experiences is exclusively granted with the festival bracelet, which you can acquire by registering at the WELCOME POINT HERBARIUM located in the Elysium – Calla Shower area. The bracelets are offered in order of arrival.


Experience the finest nature-inspired creations at Herbarium Expo

At the Herbarium Expo, on May 17-18-19 and May 24-25-26, over 20 local and international exhibitors will come to the Elysium terrace with the finest nature-inspired products, made from fresh and 100% natural ingredients. Try and experience skincare and cosmetic products made from natural ingredients, tinctures, nature-inspired perfumes, soaps, essential oils, scrubs, superfoods, teas, and beneficial natural syrups. Take part in interactive workshops, learn how to create your personalised products, and enjoy exclusive offers at Herbarium Expo on selected items from exhibitors.


It's snowing at Herbarium! Step into the Snow Room for a unique experience!

Be one of the first to experience a unique sensation in the Snow Room, at approximately -2°C!

This year, for the first time in Romania, at the Herbarium Festival, you have the chance to step from the dry sauna (at over +60°C) directly into the Snow Room at -2°C, for a refreshing burst of energy with numerous health benefits. 

As you soak up the frosty vibes, you'll feel a surge of energy pumping through your body. Going from hot to cold like that gets your blood flowing, boosts your metabolism, and gives your immune system a little kick. Plus, it's just plain fun!

So, kick back, relax, and let the good times roll in our Snow Room. It's the coolest spot to hang out at the Herbarium Festival!

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