Live summer
your way at
Sands of Therme Beach

Dreaming of a day at the beach? Starting June 1st, rediscover the quickest route to relaxation and Europe's biggest urban beach. Spoil yourself and enjoy an exotic holiday just 10 minutes from Bucharest.

This summer, the best plan is to have no plan

Forget about luggage, planning, or expensive plane tickets. Now it's easier than ever to reach your favourite exotic beach: Sands of Therme, just 10 minutes away from Bucharest. Whether it's a cocktail at the pool bar, a good podcast, a book under the shade of palm trees, or beach volleyball with friends, you choose how to spend your day. Let time pass slowly by and enjoy every moment on your favourite beach. Moreover, for the entire summer, we have prepared special relaxing events, surprises and sports competitions on the sand to keep you fit. Discover your zen oasis, close to home, with zero travel stress. Follow us on social media and see what's coming next.

Therme Summer Sports

Sport is part of our nature, so no summer at Sands of Therme Beach would be complete without movement, good vibes, and sports competitions for all ages, amateurs, and professionals alike. On Sands of Therme Beach and Galaxy Beach, the most fun beach volleyball competitions will take place, such as Therme Sand Heroes, Sand of Therme Beach Volley Tournament, and the Therme International Beach Volley Cup, the latter featuring some big names in professional volleyball. The stakes? The satisfaction of a new trophy, well-being, good cheer, and new friendships formed on the fine sand.