Herbarium Expo Participants

Aimée Boutique

Create your premium perfume Herbarium with Aimee Boutique!

Aimée is a premium Romanian brand of cosmetics and perfumes inspired by nature, born from the idea of self-love. Aimée products are made with great care and consideration for details, using high-quality ingredients selected from around the world after meticulous research. From the beginning, each product is designed to be healthy and useful, providing a perfect experience. Additionally, at the Herbarium Expo, the specialists at Aimée Boutique have prepared 2 unique workshops:

1. An interactive workshop where you learn and create your own premium Herbarium perfume signed by Aimée Boutique.
2. Educational workshop featuring the presentation of COLLAGEN LIFT® PARIS HAIR, the most coveted product by Aimée Boutique, inspired by nature, with natural ingredients such as Champagne grape seed extract, Nettle leaves, arugula, and bamboo powder.


100% Romanian brand, ApiLand offers everyone a healthy lifestyle based on consuming the highest quality bee products. Discover the treasures of ApiLand behind which stands an entire team of specialists and the hardest-working bees in Romania. Come to the Herbarium Expo to try ApiLand products and enjoy good health!


Creators of unique and sensorial wellbeing experiences, the Belgian producer Aromen brings back to Herbarium Expo natural products of the highest quality, such as essential oils, hydrosols, natural oils, and healing herbs. Exclusively at Herbarium Expo: join the 9 Aromen workshops, 9 amazing opportunities to create your aromatherapy roll-on to take home with you. Discover the different roll-on recipes: for restful sleep, increasing focus, or extra natural energy. Curious? We await you at Herbarium Expo to discover it all!


Deplin's natural products for hair, body, and skincare are a commitment to the environment and the local community. Ecocert-certified, they represent a perfect balance between effectiveness and sustainability, using ingredients from Romania's rich nature, such as saffron oil, arnica, blackcurrants, hemp, chamomile, rosemary, ivy, sea buckthorn, or red grape extract. Choose DEPLIN at Herbarium Expo to enjoy the beauty and vitality offered by nature ethically and responsibly. Moreover, only at Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy the special offer - 20% off selected Deeplin products throughout the festival.

Doda Natural

Crafted in small batches, with exceptional care, using only plants and medicinal flowers harvested from the wild hills of Montan Banat, Doda Natural showcases at Herbarium Expo some of the most charming, pure, and environmentally responsible care products such as ointments, balms, natural soaps, or shampoos. At the Doda Natural booth, you are invited to participate in the workshop where you will learn to create from scratch a personalized ointment tailored to the needs of your skin. Only at Herbarium Expo, you can benefit from the special offer of 15% off selected Doda Natural products!

Prof. Dr. Biener GmbH

Technology meets nature at Herbarium Expo. Prof. Dr. Biener GmbH products are renowned for their innovation and effectiveness, achieved by combining state-of-the-art technology with natural ingredients, including saffron, lotus flower, lemongrass, mint, aloe vera, or mango. From hydration and regeneration to combating signs of ageing, Prof. Dr. Biener GmbH creations offer excellent results for skin health. Experience the power of natural ingredients and advanced formulas of Prof. Dr. Biener GmbH skincare products to nurture your skin and achieve visible and long-lasting results.


Under the motto 'Health from the Heart of Dacia,' Fares, a Romanian producer with a history of over 90 years, brings to the Herbarium Expo a generous selection of effective and healthy remedies made from medicinal plants harvested from the heart of Transylvania. Visit the Fares stand and enjoy the benefits of plants, teas, and healing plant syrups.

Come to the Fares booth and take advantage of the exclusive Herbarium offer: - 15% off on selected products.


Delivering beauty since 1889. The most renowned Romanian cosmetics brand brings to Herbarium Expo the cream of care products inspired by nature. Farmec has become a benchmark in the field of cosmetics and personal care products, offering a wide range of products, including creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, makeup products, and much more. Many of Farmec's products are appreciated for their quality and for being formulated to suit different skin types and individual needs. Come to Herbarium Expo to see, try, and feel Farmec's quality on your skin.


Discover Fleurane, one of Romania's boldest brands in skincare, born from deep passion and profound respect for nature, lavender, and its beneficial properties. The diverse range of Fleurane products includes essential oils, floral waters, various cosmetics, accessories, and even aromatic pillows filled with lavender and kapok (an anti-allergic vegetable fibre). At Herbarium Expo, Fleurane showcases its most remarkable creations, all based on lavender responsibly grown in the Romanian plains. Come to Herbarium Festival and take part in the sauna sessions where Fleurane experts will demonstrate the beneficial qualities of Romanian lavender. Visit the Fleurane booth and enjoy the exclusive Herbarium Expo promotion of -20% off selected Fleurane products.


For over 30 years, Herbagen has been one of Romania's strongest brands in the field of skincare products, created with natural ingredients and active substances of natural origin, without parabens. Herbagen products are crafted with care and dedication, using plant extracts and active ingredients that offer multiple benefits for skin health and beauty. For healthy and delicate skin, experience the power of plants and nature at Herbarium Expo with Herbagen skincare products. Only at the Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy a 20% discount on selected Herbagen products!


Introducing Inmiresmat, which embodies gentle care, only achievable through organic ingredients, and a return to Romanian traditions. Inmiresmat cosmetics reflect the artisans' passion for nature, and their care for lavender, and other carefully selected plants. Paraben-free, chemical-free. Experience the benefits of Transylvanian nature at the Herbarium Expo and enjoy the exclusive special promotion of -15% off selected Inmiresmat products, valid throughout the Herbarium Expo period. Plus, at the Inmiresmat workshop, you can learn body care secrets - makeup removal, exfoliation, and hydration.

Iz de Poveste

Discover the handcrafted olfactory tales in vegetable wax by 'Iz de Poveste'. Adriana Popescu and her team of artisans create scented candles inspired by nature, offering woody, fresh, gourmet, floral, fruity, or festive fragrances. Additionally, at 'Iz de Poveste', you'll find liquid soaps, wax melts, perfume diffusers perfect for the warm period of the year, as well as car perfume diffusers or room sprays. Try "Iz de Poveste" products at the Herbarium Expo and enjoy the exclusive 10% discount on selected items.


Discover authentic, natural beauty with Skintesence at Herbarium EXPO!

The story of Skintesence began in 2022 with George Chendi and Adina Grigorescu, aiming to offer high-quality natural skincare products. Each Skintesence product is carefully and passionately formulated using natural ingredients, with plants sourced from their organic farms. Regardless of skin type or individual needs, Skintesence offers gentle and healthy products for your skin. On the 24th, 25th, and 26th of May, visit the Skintesence stand at Herbarium EXPO and discover natural skincare products that respect the environment and your skin, such as natural soaps, beach oil and water, lip balm, solid deodorant, and lavender sanitiser.

Join the Skintesence - Herbarium EXPO workshop and learn from experts how to create a 100% natural soap with dried plants of your choice.

Additionally, only at Herbarium EXPO, you enjoy the exclusive offer: – 15% off selected Skintesence products.

Nuca Organic

Handcrafted cosmetic products made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients, including organic butter and oils, pure extracts, and clinically proven peptides, along with natural preservatives. Come to Herbarium Expo and discover products such as moisturizing lip balm, anti-ageing face cream, hydrating body cream with green tea and almond oil, nourishing face cream, protective cream with marigold and jojoba, gentle face cleansing gel with honey and glycerin, regenerating gel for face and eyes. Take part in the free workshop hosted by Nuca Organic artisans at Herbarium Expo and learn how to create your natural antiperspirant deodorant. Exclusive to Herbarium Expo, enjoy a special offer of -15% off selected Nuca Organic cosmetics.


Panseea stands for Romanian handmade natural cosmetics, designed to assist skin and hair with the effectiveness of nature, with respect for the planet and constant care for those who choose to use them. Discover Panseea products at Herbarium Expo and attend the natural cosmetics workshop, where you will learn more about what a natural product means and how to read the ingredient list of products. You will discover the differences between natural and synthetic products and gain a better understanding of their role in the skin. In addition to this information, you will witness a practical demonstration of creating a cosmetic product, specifically a light cream for the hands and body. You will follow the manufacturing process and receive a small sample of the product created by Panseea artisans. Participation in the workshop is by registration only, directly at the Panseea booth. Maximum number of participants: 15. Only at Herbarium Expo, enjoy a 20% discount on selected Panseea products, valid throughout the event!

Republica BIO

Discover Republica Bio's products at Herbarium Expo, a Romanian brand dedicated to health and creator of the highest quality organic products. From SuperFoods to nutritional supplements or Sănățele (organic snacks), all Republica Bio products are made using ingredients from ethical, organic sources. Now, you have the opportunity to try them at Herbarium Expo, on the Elysium terrace.

Roha Silva

"The Soul of the Carpathians in a Cup of Tea." This is the motto under which Roha Silva, a small and passionate tea workshop, produces fruit blends from their production, as well as blends with wild plants from the spontaneous flora. Fruit processing takes place through slow drying at low temperatures to preserve the aroma and nutrients. Roha Silva brings to Herbarium Expo the finest teas and blends for health and well-being in unique and well-balanced combinations. Enrich your knowledge about tea at the workshop led by tea artisans, who will teach you the secrets of achieving rounded notes through different infusion techniques. In the end, you will participate in a tea-tasting session, featuring a variety of teas with complex flavours, carefully selected to reinforce the principles deciphered during the seminar.
Additionally, throughout the Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy a special offer of -10% off Roha Silva teas.


Savonia, the workshop nestled in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, produces 100% natural cosmetics, inspired by Romania's natural riches. Savonia brings to the Herbarium Expo the story of the Unguras family from Gheorgheni, Harghita County, and a rich selection of soaps, butter, and natural oils using the highest quality ingredients. Be curious! Learn from the artisans of Harghita how to cut a soap bar and how to create your essential oil by participating in the 2 Savonia workshops! Only at Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy the special offer of -20% off selected Savonia products.


Techir brings to the Herbarium Expo a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic products inspired by the saline water and sapropelic mud from Lake Techirghiol. From passion and respect for natural plant resources and their benefits for overall well-being. Come and try their soaps, sprays, and beneficial air fresheners for your health and wellbeing.

Join the workshop on the benefits of mud from Techirghiol, learn how to integrate it into your skincare routine, application methods, and its benefits for the skin. Only at the Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy a special offer of -25% off on selected Techir products.


Romanian manufacturer TrioVerde brings to Herbarium Expo the finest products from its portfolio, crafted from natural ingredients, effective for maintaining overall health. Vegetable oils, floral waters, and plant extracts are all designed for the care of the face, body, hair, and nails. The secret? Only organic and natural ingredients with therapeutic potential are delicately handled in the laboratory to maintain their therapeutic value. If it's natural, it's TrioVerde! Come to the Herbarium Expo, try TrioVerde products, and meet the artisans.


Pure essential oils, creams and cosmetic lotions, dietary supplements, as well as personal hygiene products made from natural ingredients and plant extracts. All products offer undeniable health benefits and have multiple therapeutic properties. Join health workshops, exclusively at the Vivasan booth - Herbarium Expo! Dr. Angela Laur, a specialist in dermatology, aromatherapy and holistic consulting, with nearly 20 years of practical experience, together with Mariana Sandu, a massage technician with over 18 years of experience, will demonstrate self-massage practices for the abdomen, head, and feet to address various physical and emotional issues, such as headaches, gallbladder pain, stress, and insomnia. Learn practical and simple information about massage care, sauna use, and essential oils to bring comfort, relaxation, and toning. Only at the Herbarium Expo, you can enjoy the special offer of -10% off selected Vivasan products.


Mmm, mmm! Munchie’Stash is coming to Herbarium Expo with Fudge and nut creams, made by slow grinding at the stone mill, from carefully selected, vegan and sugar-free, 100% natural ingredients. Discover and taste ARrr Butter, Funky Pistachio, Gianduja, Golden Butter, Peanut Breath, Pistachio Pesto and Toffee Fudge at the Munchie’Stash stand.

All the goodies have a functional character, containing inulin and other ingredients that fulfil specific bodily functions, such as anti-inflammatory and improving intestinal health.

Be curious and join the Munchie’Stash workshop supported by the brand founders and see how a 100% natural beverage can be obtained after grinding at the stone mill.

The good news doesn't stop there: enjoy - 10% OFF on selected Munchie’Stash products only at Herbarium Expo!

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