New Apothecary Massages

Discover innovative and revolutionary wellness treatments and therapies, inspired by nature, featuring snail mucin, gold infusion, bee venom, and therapeutic pouches filled with healing medicinal plants.

Nature, the source and inspiration of health and wellbeing in our new treatments

We continue to offer the best relaxation treatments and experiences, for your health and wellbeing. We’ve added to our wellness therapy menu two new relaxing massages that naturally combine the healing properties of natural medicinal plants with state-of-the-art technology, plus a brand new cosmetic treatment based on snail mucin and peptide cream, with a powerful anti-wrinkle effect, for perfectly hydrated and glowing skin. Choose your preferred treatment and enjoy relaxation at the highest level.

Experience the K-Beauty Cosmetic Treatment with snail mucin and gold infusion. Anti-wrinkle. Moisturising. Natural.

The new K-Beauty Cosmetic Treatment deeply rejuvenates and repairs the skin through facial therapy with the help of snail mucin extract and gold infusion. Results include a moisturised, glowing, and younger-looking complexion, reduced dark circles, and slowed skin ageing. It exclusively uses premium Korean cosmetic products. The massage is available at the #instantwellness reception in the Elysium area.


Unique in Romania. Experience Venom Strike: a massage with bee venom and a vibration device.

A first-of-its-kind in Romania, experience the innovative Venom Strike massage that synergises state-of-the-art percussive therapy with age-old bee venom remedies. Enjoy deep muscle relaxation, enhanced mobility, and relief from chronic pain, it comes with the bonuses of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits of bee venom. Now available at the #instantwellness reception in the Elysium area.


From the hilltops to your skin. Experience Herbal Stamp: a deeply relaxing massage using a pouch filled with freshly harvested medicinal herbs.

The new Herbal Stamp massage offers a relaxing and therapeutic experience that encourages meditation. The masseur utilises pouches teeming with fresh, aromatic medicinal herbs, as well as essential oils of frankincense and jojoba. Benefits include muscle tension relief, improved circulation, stress and anxiety reduction. It is highly recommended for alleviating insomnia and muscular tension. Now available at the #instantwellness reception in the Elysium area.


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