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In The Palm area, at the Phy pavilion, you can experience the most advanced method of assessing your body posture. In just 3 minutes, millions of analysed and synthesised data are turned into practical information aimed at correcting postural deviations. 
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What is Phy and how does it work?

Phy Health is a platform for assessing and treating postural health, helping to prevent injuries, reduce pain, and improve imbalances. The Phy platform includes a three-dimensional postural analysis of the entire body using artificial intelligence. It also can design personalized exercises based on neuromuscular optimization.

Phy means:

✔️ Comprehensive analysis of the musculoskeletal system - Accurately measures the position of muscles, bones, and joints.

✔️ Analysis of posture and associated risks - Identifies imbalances that may cause pain, injuries, or reduced performance.

✔️ Personalized exercise plan - Based on neuromuscular optimization to rebalance the body.

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