Recharge with Zen!

Login or register to a myTherme account, on the website or directly in the app, and start collecting Zen points with each visit at Therme, so you can enjoy relaxation with exclusive offers and personalized gifts.

Start relaxing with Zen points

You relax best when you drink a cocktail in one of the thermal pools or sit on the sunbed under the palm trees. But true relaxation comes with the Zen points that allow you to visit Therme over and over again. Register for your myTherme account and start collecting Zen points with each access ticket purchased or consumption made during your Therme experience. With each new visit, you get more Zen points to access exclusive offers and perks.


Discover the advantages of Zen points

With myTherme you get bonus points for every special occasion. You receive Zen points on your birthday and when registering for your myTherme account. And if you are already a loyal customer with accumulated Miles, your Miles will automatically be converted to Zen points. For more info see the rules & regulations.


Frequently asked questions

What are Zen points?
Zen points are loyalty points that are awarded exclusively to visitors who open a myTherme account online, on the website, or directly in the app. 1 Zen point is the equivalent of 1 RON. Thus, after a customer collects Zen points, he can use them to pay the access tickets to Therme, fully or partially.
How do I get Zen points?
Zen points are awarded for any access tickets purchased on the website, in the app, or directly from the check-in desks, with certain exceptions*. Furthermore, Zen Points are awarded for consumption receipts from the complex, as well. * vouchers, gift cards, and tickets which are part of active campaigns based on discounts, such as the Morning and Evening Special deals.
What is the difference between Zen and Miles points?
Miles were the loyalty points that visitors could gather on the old app. Zen points are the new loyalty points that became available with the launch of the new myTherme account.
What happened to the Miles I’ve accumulated so far?
Customers who have collected Miles can now turn them into Zen points. 500 Miles is the equivalent of 1 Zen point. They will be automatically converted when you register for your new myTherme account.
For how long are the Zen points available?
Zen points are available for 1 year, but may expire after 6 months of inactivity if the customer doesn’t visit Therme at all. In this case, the customer will return to the first level, regardless of the level reached so far.
How are Zen points calculated?
1 Zen point is the equivalent of 1 RON. Points are awarded for each ticket purchase and for each consumption receipt, depending on the amount spent and the loyalty level of each customer. The more Zen points you earn in 6 months, the faster you advance from the standard loyalty level to the Zen Master level. With every new level you reach, we give you even more cashback.
Can I transfer Zen points to a friend?
Zen points are nominal, which is why they cannot be transferred to another person.
Can I request a refund if I used Zen points when ordering tickets?
It is possible to request a refund for an order paid with Zen points. If the customer paid for the access tickets only with Zen points, then all the points will be refunded. If he paid for the access tickets only partially with Zen points, then both the money and the points will be refunded. *Refunds are not possible only for a part of the booked tickets, only for the entire order, as long as no tickets have been used.
I scanned the QR code and did not receive the points in the application. What can I do?
Please send an email and your request will be solved as soon as possible.
I bought a ticket from the cash registers and forgot to add my points in the application. Can I add them anytime?
Zen loyalty points can be added to the app within 24 hours of receiving the receipt.
Can I add Zen points in the application from any receipt and how many receipts am I allowed to add in one day?
Zen points can be added to the application from any receipt within 24 hours. You can add as many as you want, as long as they are scanned only once.

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